Indiana Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photographer | Indianapolis, IN | Heidi

This beautiful little girl was wide-eyed just about the whole session.  She pretty much let me pose her how ever I wanted and then watched my every movement.  I couldn’t believe how attentive she was.  Her big sister was very helpful handing me things I needed and had the most beautiful smile!

Heidi \HIE-dee\:  nobility

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Indianapolis Newborn Child Photography

Newborn Twin Photographer | Indianapolis, IN | Shepherd + Story

Twins make everything extra adorable!  Wouldn’t you agree?

Big Brother and Sister love their new babies.  Big Sister had so much fun helping me pick out and coordinate all the little headbands for her and her and Story.  Aren’t those names awesome, by the way?

Oh, and check out the gorgeous quilts that their Grandmother made for them.  Such amazing talent!

Shepherd \SHEH-perd\:  to lead to pasture; one who cares for and guides

Story \STOHR-ee\:  a tale or narrative

Newborn Twin Photographer | Indianapolis

Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photographer | Indianapolis, IN | Aiden

Welcome to the world, Aiden!  It  was such a pleasure working with this family.  Big Sister even showed me her princess dolls (which I was totally thrilled about, by the way, seeing as only superheros and Lego live at my house).

Aiden \a(i)-den\ : little fire, ardent

Newborn Photographer Indianapolis